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Metal technology

All about technology with the use of metals

Creates a contact with the vital energies of

Helps open doors to the perception of the forces of nature.

Develop your inner

Each person has certain characteristics that can be developed with greater strength and ease or even awaken those that were not yet activated.

Orientation Project

Global Tree Network

Tree orientation is an operation that has the goal of bringing the human world and the plant world closer together again, mending the relationship between the two worlds, which was interrupted due to our lack of sensitivity to the ecosystem in which we live. Our collective evolution passes through the union of three mother worlds: human beings, the plant world, and nature spirits.

Plant world

All the instruments for your plants

Experiment together with the vegetable kingdom and discover new possibilities of contact with our teachers, the plants

These instruments are a bridge for a real and natural communication with the plant world and vital energies

Connection with nature

There are essential kits to start your

Contact with the intelligence of plants allows us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

The device connects directly to the plant perceiving its electromagnetic signal and translates it into musical harmonies, opening the door to new forms of communication.

Connect your Bamboo to your smartphone and record the music of your
With the
device you can record the plant signal and analyze it using the Plant Music software

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