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Bamboo Control Software is a revolutionary software that allows you to see the electrical signals of the plants in real time. That will allow you to check and potentially understand the behavior of the plants.

It is an extraordinary opening of a new era in plant research not only for scientific laboratories but for all the passionate persons ready to discover more about the Plant World.

An incredible software that is ready to use and can monitor the electrical activity of your plant in real time using our device Bamboo. From your PC you can see how the environmental and external agents can affect the life of this being.

If you’ve read the book “The Secret Life of Plants by P. Tompkins and C. Bird, Cleve Backster’s experiments with a galvanometer will immediately come to mind. He demonstrated how a plant could be connected with his thoughts and emotions even miles away.

Our spiritual mission is the unification of the Mother Worlds of Plants and human beings. The first step is therefore the awareness that Plants are evolved living beings that possess a consciousness and a high collective intelligence.

How does it work?

Bamboo is measuring the resistance of the plant between 2 electrodes. One electrode is placed in the ground near the roots and one electrode is clipped onto the leaf.

The device measures the Total Resistance that is a combination of 3 measures:

1.            the intrinsic resistance of the plant
2.            the resistance of the contact between the leaf and the metallic clip
3.            background noise

The Bamboo Control Software reads the instant total electromagnetic value of the plant and produces a graph that can be easily read by you!

At the moment the software is in Beta Test so still under development

Technical characteristics

It is written at the moment for Windows PC only. 

It can be used with Bamboo device only. Suitable USB cable inside the Bamboo box.

The program offers the following functions:

* Update your Bamboo with the newest firmware (if any)

* Control all general and audio settings of the device

* Transfer data from the SDHC-card to a PC

* Make live recordings via USB directly onto the PC

* View the electrical signals of your plant for research purposes

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