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Recommerce is a word introduced a few years ago, it refers to the possibility of a circular economy based on reuse, on the optimization of resources and on a different economic turn that is ethical and that brings a different distribution of profits.

What is Recommerce?

The recommerce is the recovery of some products – from mobile phones to clothing – through different channels, such as the Internet or physical distribution, such as markets or fairs.

Where does the term Recommerce come from?

The term was born in 2005 when Forrester Research founder Giorge F. Colony coined the new word in an interview for the New York Times. This, according to him, indicated the need for people to save money on the one hand (for example an old computer can be put back into operational use and become a useful tool for a child who wants to learn how to use computers), and on the other hand the desire to recycle and not waste. In short, everyone benefits, including the environment.

How does the recommerce work?

Recommerce, with the intention of reusing and recycling, allows you to resell an object that is no longer used. This is generally still functional.

The sales process related to recommerce works very simply. If I decide to sell a product, I create an online ad on platforms like Ebay, for example, or participate in fairs or markets. In this process, you have to take into account some logistics costs that your sale may entail (shipping costs and the cost per advertisement on the platform we use, for example).

The second hand market

There is no single market, not even for second-hand ones. The types of recommerce, in fact, are numerous.

Among the different models on the second-hand market are:

  • those used as a financing method: the seller is compensated with a voucher or in cash
  • those of solidarity, the product (or its value) is redistributed to a foundation or non-profit organization
  • second-hand green market: recycling or disposal of waste by reusing (or reselling)
Amazon’s mobile phone Recommerce

Hoy os quiero hablar de la campaña Recommerce para teléfonos móviles de Amazon, está organizada por Recommerce Solutions SA.

Recommerce Solutions SA operates as an online platform for recycling services. Provides recycling solutions for electronic devices. The company was founded by Pierre-Etienne Roinat, Benoit Varin, Cédric Maucourt and Antoine Jeanjean in 2009 and is based in Gentilly, France.

Since 2010, the company Recommerce Group manages a used mobile resale and recycling service. Recommerce Solutions’ collection and recycling processes are labeled “Certified Recycled Mobile” per the standard and reconditioning processes are also labeled “Certified Reconditioned Mobile” by In addition, Recommerce Solutions is ISO 14001 certified by DNV Gl.

Within the framework of its environmental policy, Recommerce Group implemented the “3 Rs”: Reduce the amount of waste, promote the Reuse of products, and finally, facilitate their Recycling. This strategy is favored by the corresponding European directives, which call for “promoting the reuse of products and activities in order to prepare them for reuse, in particular by promoting the creation and support of reuse and repair networks” . Functional and reconditioned mobiles thus find a second life in second-hand markets, while non-functional mobiles are dismantled and sent to specialized channels to extract raw materials and eliminate potentially hazardous waste in accordance with WEEE regulations.

I found it very interesting, especially if we have several accumulated unused mobiles at home, we can give them life again or have their useful life completed in a suitable recycling chain, and also earn a little money for the renewal of your next device 🙂

Different mobile models are accepted, functional or not, although it is true that the better the conditions, the better the incentive.

The estimated value of a buyback is indicated to us within a period of 10 business days from the date of realization of the buyback.

The steps are simple to follow:

1- Enter the characteristics of the device, the model
2- Specify the condition. As I have indicated, they accept even if they do not turn on or have a broken screen.
3- Choose free shipping and send the device.
4- Recommerce will examine your device. If your device is accepted, it will transfer the corresponding amount in the form of a gift voucher for

Here is the link to go to the Amazon device Recommerce page:

In case you are thinking of buying a sustainable phone like Fairphone and perhaps you saw the price a little higher than what you can afford… this is a great solution to finance part of the Fairphone phone!

The world’s most sustainable smartphones

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