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Zigola. The Sun (feat. Peace Lily). (mp3 music file)


The Peace Lily (by the name ‘Witje’) plays music thanks to the Music of the Plants device U1.

Zigola sings and interacts with her, bringing this healing music.

  mp3 high quality files to be downloaded.

Listen to a sample of each song…

1. Listen to Us


2. You Are Loved


3. Co Creation


4. Dance Free


5. The Sun


Interspecies music is a name we could give to this new genre of music. Music co-created with plants. Thanks to the U1 technology that gives a voice to plants, Zigola interacts in melody and words with her Peace Lily. The melodies brought by the plants are perceived as healing by many. The bio electrical signals of the plants are translated into midi, which are combined by sounds appropriate to the plant’s expression. In a studio set up, Zigola sings with the her Peace Lily as she experiences the interaction, as if playing with a human musician. She repeats melodies, as also the plant seems to respond to her melodies and words. The result is a combination of ambient sounds of the plants and Zigola’s soothing voice. On the track ‘You are Loved’ Zigola also plays the Duclar (a wooden flute) and a shell percussion instrument.


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