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Music of the Plants. (WAV music file)


The first Music of the Plants album designed and arranged by Cigno Banano.

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1. Birch at night

2. Chestnut and Birch

3. Chestnut, Birch and Musician in concert

4. Playing in the afternoon

5. Evening in the Sacred Woods

6. An Oak like Bach

7. Concert in the Sacred Woods

8. White Roses

9. Red Roses

10. Red and White Roses

11. Pine at sunset

12. Pine and Walnut

13. Fig

14. Fig and Pine

15. Rosemary

16. Rosemary and Grass

17. Grass


Music of the Plants has been subject of study in Damanhur since 1976 when researchers began creating instrument capable of capturing the changes in potential between the surface of leaves and the roots system and turning them into sound.

The desire of deep contact with nature inspired “Plant Concert” where musicians perform to the accompaniment of melodies created by trees (track 3). This CD includes songs recorded with many different plants over the last 15 years. The first part of the CD contains tracks recorded live in concert.

Designed and arranged by Cigno Banano.


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