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Masterplants. Interspecies Music. (mp3 music file)



The music collective Masterplants is a pioneer in interspecies music, co-creating music with plants, with musicians from all different musical backgrounds and countries. In order to co-create with plants, Masterplants has first started using the Music of the Plants device, and is now part of the research team to develop new technologies in this field. Every concert Masterplants invites special guest musicians from their global network to participate.

The project Masterplants was born when a small group of musicians met in a sacred forest in Italy, open for a new unlikely experience. The invitation came from musicians in the community of Damanhur to make an album inspired by the melody of plants. Emil and Benjamin came from Denmark to meet with Tritone and Zigola to play for two weeks, immersed in nature. The result was a series of recordings, dreams of meeting nature spirit people, visits to far out places in the forest where the harmony of nature became tangible for the ears. As a part of the exchange for their musical collaboration, Emil and Benjamin went home with a Music of the Plants device. A technology that enables plants to generate music. This was the start of the birth of the Masterplants Orchestra.

Playing with the plants has made them experience the intelligence of the plants, their capacity to respond to music, to interact. And this changed completely their view on the world around them. Experiencing the sentience of the plants through communicating with a language that has mainly been the domain of the Human Species, has changed their perspective. With the Masterplants project, we intend to reach out to many musicians and all people in the world, in order to bring the plant and the human species closer to each other, in connection, to go forward towards a future in which people respect nature, as their allies.


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