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Music of the Plants

Since the 1970s, Damanhur — a Federation of Communities with its own constitution, culture, art, music, currency, school and uses of science and technology ( — has researched communication with the plant world.

As part of this research, they created an instrument able to perceive the electromagnetic variations from the surface of plant leaves to the root system and translated them into sound. Science increasingly supports the concept that plants operate with an innate intelligence and logic diverse from our own.

Music of the Plants has taken research of plant intelligence and plant perception to another level. By deciphering and registering the impulses and interactions of plants, they have developed a device that uses a MIDI interface to transform the plant’s resistance from a leaf to the root system into music.

Extensive research continues today as we become conscious of the innate ability of nature to communicate with us when we have the instrument to listen.


A new way to connect to Nature

Contact with the intelligence of plants allows us to better understand ourselves and the world around us.

For years Music of the Plants has been researching, designing
and realizing solutions to make the principle that all life is connected tangible.

Thanks to this device we can establish a direct communication with the plant world through the language of music.
The device connects directly to the plant perceiving its electromagnetic signal and translates it into musical harmonies, opening the door to new forms of communication.

3 different devices

Now you can listen to the music of the plants with three different devices, depending on your needs.

The U1 device is ideal for fixed locations and professional use where it can play the whole day, filling the atmosphere of the music of your plants. 

The Bamboo device is ideal to share the music of the plants wherever you are. The basic version is simple and intuitive with 12 pre-programmed options of musical instrument, frequency and effects.

The Bamboo M device is ideal for listening to the music of the plants wherever you go. The M version is customizable and configurable. It allows you to create your own music scenario options.

The new Music of the Plants device

  • Integrated battery
  • Built-in speaker
  • Lightweight and environmentally friendly body made with natural bamboo
  • Output jack for headphones or external speakers
  • High conductivity sensors to connect to the plant
  • Direct recording to SDHC Memory Card
  • MIDI output via micro-USB
  • Additional features available for musicians and researchers

for your

There are different kits that can be useful for you, perfect and ready to carry out your investigation.


The portable kit to listen wherever you want


The complete experience for your research!


Have fun with your Bamboo, listen to the music and record it on your smartphone

The story

How was born

The Music of the Plants was born in the late ’70s in Damanhur, with the goal of achieving real communication with the plant world.

Damanhur is a living laboratory for the future, a federation of communities with its own constitution, culture, art, music, school and uses science and technology for the evolution of humanity.

As part of this research, several instruments have been created to sense the electromagnetic variations on the surface of the leaves and root systems of plants to translate them into sound, action and movement.