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Why am I talking about interspecies communication talking about technology?

Everything in this world (and Universe) is connected and by the law of simile responds to simile in technology and in science the same thing happens. Once we discover how we are connected (not only among us humans, but with other species: Plant Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Mineral Kingdom, Nature Spirits, etc.) we will discover the true laws of how our Universe works and therefore, the new laws of science and new technology.

The new laws of science are beginning to be discovered and are pointed out by referring to what is called quantum laws of quantum mechanics where the nature of matter and its operation are studied.

It begins to contemplate the idea that our intention and our thinking under our observation of things (using our senses), changes the behavior of matter and things, and also contemplates that it is an interlocking system, where different objects are connected each other and influence each other.​

Therefore, the direction in the first steps of my research has been towards the study of communication between the different Kingdoms of this planet.

Our planet is inhabited by different Kingdoms, different living beings, with different perceptions of things due to the characteristics of each one. Each living being lives and experiences experiences in this world differently, but we are all part of a network of experiences that enrich each other, we are united.

One of my intentions has been to deepen this link in order to improve the quality of the relationship with the different Kingdoms and discover what really unites us and how we can help each other.

Vegetal kingdom

The Vegetable Kingdom is one of the tangible Kingdoms but with very different characteristics from those we have, as mobile beings. The Plant Kingdom has been on our planet long before we appeared as a species, they have been here for 4,400-4,510 million years. In a matter of evolution, it is obvious to think that they have had to develop skills, mechanisms and characteristics to adapt to changes, that is what we call intelligence…

One of the first phases to be able to establish any type of communication with any being is to empathize with the levels of consciousness, each being is here on the planet because it has a specific "mission" and each species has acquired certain characteristics to fulfill its plan.

Each of us has the internal tools to communicate with the Vegetable Kingdom (and with any Kingdom or being),

only to not practice it often sometimes as when a person wants to learn to play an instrument, a few small guidelines or even an external instrument that helps us to strengthen our own internal instrument.

In the case of communication with the Plant Kingdom, I was helped by a “bridge” instrument that opened the way for development with communication with Plants.

This device is called the Music of the Plants, it is a machine that is connected to the plant and can read its bioelectric signal, in this way the device reads the signals of the Plant and transforms them into musical notes, this being a universal language. The most curious thing is that once the plant understands that it is it that is ringing, it begins to learn to use the machine to communicate and to emit the notes that it wants to sound to communicate. In the experimentation with the plant world I discovered that plants are the great teachers of our thought and of our intention and that is where I started my major research…

Animal kingdom

The animal kingdom is one of the most similar to us in the sense that it is also endowed with movement and is tangible in the world in which we live.
Each species we see that it has different behaviors depending on the habitat where it lives and the evolution of the species itself. I have learned that all species have a collective mind, and some of the animal species have this collective connection even more developed as a function of their evolution. Thanks to the compassion and understanding of each animal, it is possible to establish telepathic communication with the animal itself and even reach the connection with the breed mind.

Mineral kingdom

The Mineral Kingdom is one of the oldest on our Planet, they were formed once the mass of our earth solidified in its creation.

Minerals have a very old consciousness and can hold very important information for the planet and for species. There are minerals that can contain even information libraries and even from other civilizations. It is even possible to host information on the crystals with our intention.

Nature Spirits

This Kingdom is one of the most important in the evolution of the Planet and they are working with all the species on the Planet to help make the leap of evolution.

They live in our world but they inhabit different wave frequencies than what our eyes perceive if we have not educated our internal and external senses.

What is my purpose and my mission

Learn and share new knowledge together
Open the path of new technologies
Tools to discover ourselves as a reflection of what is outside
Incorporate the laws of our soul into science