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What am I doing

I have finally decided to create my own website!! 🙂 After making dozens of web pages, I have decided to create my own to show the research and knowledge that I have acquired in this time on new technologies and share it with you.

I am a Computer Engineer and my passion is research on new technologies (or even some I dare say old! we will see that many of the new technologies come from the past…) to develop different investigations in the creation of different machines that help us wake up our characteristics that are still latent, even potentials that are dormant and also help to open the way to enter the new laws of this Age.

On this website I will develop different topics that I have been learning since the idea of creating a "quantum" machine (a machine that works with thought) entered my life and since then I have dedicated myself to studying and investigating the new sciences.

Life itself took me with synchronicity to really spectacular places and magnificent people who have made me grow personally. They have given me the necessary knowledge to continue the investigations, especially the handling of matter and energy, of what our world. In this fascinating trip I have dedicated myself in particular to the study of inter-species communication and in the search for the opening of new internal senses to give way to the new laws.

Birth of VerdeMora

Before the idea of the machine that works with thought appeared, I was working for four years in my own company “Ethical Computing” that perhaps some of you who are visiting this website already knew about it.

The idea was to promote ‘ethical computing’. Betting on criteria of closeness, collaboration, transparency and sustainability, so necessary today in the field of technology.

I applied the values and principles to my professional field: care for the environment (place and people), sustainability (use of green processes), promotion of the rural environment, support for social projects, etc.

I decided to take that path for my own personal and professional growth.

VerdeMora’s services varied from the creation of websites (programming and code), virtual stores, blogs, mobile applications, to computer advice or the configuration of internet networks, databases and the personalization of multimedia centers.

Another of the main reasons for the creation of “ethical computing” was to create a container that would give rise to the study and research of new technologies for Humanity, for our human development and evolution. And today this container is still active!

Create a container that would give rise to the study and research of new technologies for Humanity

Esperanza González

Founder of VerdeMora

What is my purpose and my mission

Learn and share new knowledge together
Open the path of new technologies
Tools to discover ourselves as a reflection of what is outside
Incorporate the laws of our soul into science