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Spiritual technology as a way
to know ourselves

The new laws of science are beginning to be discovered and are pointed out by referring to what are called quantum laws of quantum mechanics where the nature of matter and its operation are studied. It begins to contemplate the idea that our intention and our thinking under our observation of things (using our senses), changes the behavior of matter and things, and also contemplates that it is an interlocking system, where different objects and beings are connected to each other and influence each other.

We as human beings have as a mission our own evolution, that of our habitat partners and that of our own Planet. Everything is linked and intertwined in a joint mission. Each time we delve into these theories, we discover the true laws of our Universe, the nature of things and the new technology, getting closer and closer to the answer of who we really are and why we are here.


Interspecies communication

Is the first step towards finding the connection of the nature of things.

Information, as energy, flows around us, depending on the characteristics of each species, it is capable of perceiving very important information for the evolution of each species and of the Planet itself. The search for symbiosis with each species is the opportunity we have for the leap of evolution.

Bridge machine

To communicate with the plant world

“Bridge” instrument that opened the way for development with communication with Plants.

The device connects directly to the plant perceiving its electromagnetic signal and translates it into musical harmonies, opening the door to new forms of communication.

Living energies in metals

with Selfica Technology

Through Selfica it is possible to create devices based on the spiral form and the use of metals, colors, special inks and minerals that act as conduits for “intelligent” energies, border forces that can act as intermediaries between different planes of existence.

0 %
hand made
Instruments are handcrafted with the utmost dedication
0 years
of experience

This technology has been developed and researched for more than 45 years

0 +
unique instruments

More than 47 different instruments with a wide variety of functions have been discovered

Different instruments
with different functions

Selfica is a spiritual technology created to improve human potential and increase the connection with Synchronicity. Each instrument conducts a type of energy giving rise to a function to have a specific energy support.

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What is my purpose and my mission

Learn and share new knowledge together
Open the path of new technologies
Tools to discover ourselves as a reflection of what is outside
Incorporate the laws of our soul into science